Explore the Bahamas | Places to see on your Bahama Vacation

Bahamas “Primitive Forest”

If you want to know what the original Bahamas looked like, visit The Primitive Forest. Remarkably undisturbed, this old-growth woodland is a living, breathing model of  the early hardwood forests of the Bahamas.  Vistiting the Primitive forest is like stepping back through time.  Dramatic features such as sinkholes and unique limestone caverns and the astounding variety of plant and animal life will leave you breathless.  From it’s terraced climbs to the sun-filtered canopy effect of the trees, it’s a slice of history you will surely want to photograph.

Bahamas Largest Island (exploring Andros Island)

The island of Andros is actually an archipelago within the Bahamas. It is the largest of all the Bahamian Islands, its land area consists of hundreds of small islets and cays just waiting to be explored.

Hikers, bird watchers, kayakers and all nature lovers will leave satisfied after a day trip to Andros. All adventurers will appreciate the barrier reefs and mesmerizing blue holes as well as the outstanding selection of flora and fauna.

For more sight seeing ideas, visit What to do in the Bahamas


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