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all wear Aloha shirts to work? It’s the same concept as “business casual” in The States.  Local Maui professionals dress down and  wear their iconic Aloha shirts to get a fun-loving atmoshpere going. The weekends signal major activity on the islands, which means increased revenue.

The Chamber of Commerce works hard to make Friday’s  a special time for visitors. The creation of “Aloha Friday” has fostered the growth of many weekend traditions.

Maui Friday Town Party

Maui Friday Town Parties happen every Aloha Friday with the first Friday being Maui Friday Town Party – Wailuku! Spearheaded by the Maui County Office of Economic Development, each party highlights one of Maui’s historic small towns and along with their unique, local businesses. Whether it’s an eccentric art show in Lahaina or a paniolo party in Makawao, each town creates an authentic atmosphere including great food, stellar music and local vendors!

Both tourists and locals anticipate the weekend with its special night of hospitality,  Maui culture, and free entertainment! It’s always fun and we always find great food, vendors selling unique items and plenty of  island hospitality and comraderie

Safe wholesome nightlife? Skip the bars

If you are looking to find wholesome, family friendly  nightlife in Maui, then take the time to check out the numerous free (and fun) activities at Maui Friday. Geared toward familes and tourists, Maui Friday Town Parties showcase Maui‘s historic towns and celebrate the unique nature of their businesses & communities. Enjoy a special night of interaction and fun, punctuated with free entertainment, special offers and Friday-only promotions from each town’s family of merchants. The schedule rotates with Wailuku First Friday, Lahaina Second Friday, Makawao Third Friday, Kihei Fourth Friday and on those special months when there is a Fifth Friday you can take the ferry over to Lanai to join.


Sites to Visit on your Jamaican Vacation

Dunn’s River Falls is a famous waterfall near Ocho Rios, Jamaica and a major Caribbean tourist attraction that receives thousands of visitors each year.

At about 180 feet high and 600 feet long, the waterfalls are terraced like giant natural stairs. Several small lagoons are interspersed among the vertical sections of the falls.

The falls empty into the Caribbean Sea at the western end of a white-sand beach.
Climbing the waterfalls is a popular tourist activity and is often, but not exclusively, performed with the help of tour guides from the park. It takes about 1-1.5 hours to climb with short breaks for photographs and video recordings taken by the guides. There are also stairs alongside of the falls for those who do not want to get wet or are unable to manage the rocky, uneven terrain of the actual waterfall.

The falls are bordered by lush, green vegetation that shades the area from the sun and keeps the area, and climbers, cool. The climb can be relatively hard so is often undertaken as a hand-holding human chain led by a guide to make it easier.


The falls were the location where the Battle of Las Chorreras took place in 1657, when the British defeated a Spanish expeditionary force from Cuba. When you visit, be sure to view the a plaque placed at the bottom of the falls. The Jamaican Historical Society placed it there in commemoration of the historical event


Dunn’s River is a short stream dropping only 55 metres (180 ft) from its source to the sea. It is fed by spring water rich with calcium carbonate. Because it deposits travertine, it forms a sequence of tufa terraces. Such waterfalls are described by geologists as “a living phenomenon” because they are continuously rebuilt by the sediments in spring water.

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Explore Jamaica 2020 | What to do on your Jamaican Vacation

The Glistening Waters

Located in Falmouth’s Luminous Lagoon, where the Martha Brae River and the waters of the Caribbean Sea meet is a surreal place called The Glistening Waters, though glistening might not be the best term. Swimmers actually glow at night. The Glistening waters begin where the river and sea meet. The mixture of these two bodies of water create bioluminescence micro-organisms that when disturbed at night glow brightly. The experience seems unearthly and is as hard to explain as it is to photograph. If you want to catch your experience on camera, you may need special equipment in order to get pictures that are marginally viewable. The Glistening Waters is only one of four such locations in the world and the only location where the luminary reaction can be seen 364 days of the year regardless of the temperature or the weather. Visitors to Falmouth can experience the Glistening Waters by taking a boat trip into the middle of the lagoon after nightfall and swimming in the shallow waters of the lagoon.

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