Incentive vacations

Since the economy got hit by Covid, sales are down at many dealerships

If you are finding it difficult to get your sales to pick up, try gifting your customers with an incentive vacation.

So what are incentive vacations? Simply put, incentive vacations are vacation certificates that you, the business owner, provide your customers with in the hope that they will check out your offer and ultimately buy from you.

Many undecided customers who are close to buying, will go ahead and purchase from you when you offer a vacation to sweeten the deal.

Some customers just need a gentle push to: come into your facility, take a test drive, view a home you are selling, or get an insurance quote. No matter which industry you are in, you can get your prospects to take action by offering them an incentive to take that next step.

Balmy Beaches provides incentive vacations for your customer to places like DisneyLand and Disney world, as well as Palm Springs, Branson, and other family friendly locations.

These vacations are awesome for drawing in potential buyers, making sales, and rewarding employees.

Each of these vacations is either a cruise, or a stay at a 3-5 star hotel or motel. Some vacations are to resorts.

All vacations are complimentary to your prospect. Issue them to those who are close to buying but undecided.

Use them as bonuses to reward sales people who reach their quota.

Or offer them to visitors in exchange for a test drive, home showing etc. depending on your industry.

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Each of these vacations are at popular tourist sites.

There are no hidden fees, and the customer is made aware of all charges before their vacation date.

For example, all cruises require a port fee. Some vacations require taxes and sometimes a refundable room deposit, depending upon the location.

None of this is hidden from your customer before they go on vacation and the cost of these is made plain.

These are not timeshares, and your customer will NEVER be expected to attend a presentation!

Be the hero in your industry and earn repeat business and referrals by gifting your customers with quality vacation incentives!

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