About the Vacation Package

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Our “Vacation Incentives” package comes with everything you need to draw customers, engage them, and close the sale.

Your package includes quality vacations you can gift prospects with in exchange for them taking steps toward that sale! Offer them to those who:

  • Take a test drive
  • Come to an open house
  • Switch from an undecided visitor to a happy buyer.

A lot of times, when we’re close to making a deal, and a customer’s still not entirely sure, we’ll say, ‘What if we throw in a cruise for two?’ Ninety percent of the time, they say yes.” View the Vacations

~ Lance Lopez, GM of Nissan dealership

In addition to using the vacations to motivate customers, they can also be used to motivate your staff. Offer them as incentives to your sales team to make more sales– whoever closes the most sales, or reaches certain quotas gets to take home a vacation.

“We outperformed our competition by a minimum of 20 deals per month”

~ Pinnacle Chrysler

While your sales team will probably get the most benefit from the vacations when they use them as a clsoing tool, they can also used to reward workers for good performance, or as special holiday bonuses. Everyone loves a vacation, and what better way to show your employees that you appreciate them, than to gift them with one! View the Vacations

Here’s what others are saying

Increased 50% more business by giving away these trips

~Jose Almendarez / Rolling Hills Memorial Park

“We had a great competitive edge over the competition”

David Kent / Dueck On Marine General Manager

View the Vacations

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